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TECHNICALLY, ALL DENTISTRY can be labeled as "cosmetic" because done properly, dentistry should always pleasingly natural looking, as well as functional. But the skills, experience, and technology required to provide truly exceptional dentistry are hard to come by, and it can be rather confusing to know how to distinguish "cosmetic" dentistry from run-of-the-mill dentistry.

There are all the functional requirements of high quality general dentistry, and we must also pay close attention to natural beauty. That's why we are so proud at the Center for Complete Dentistry of the cosmetic services we consistently provide to our patients – simply check out our Smile Gallery to see what they are so excited about.

We invest in thousands of hours of extra training, learning how to use highly advanced materials, technologies and techniques properly, so that we can provide you with the beautiful and long-lasting dentistry you deserve.

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Archeologists who excavated Mayan burial sites in Central America found skeletal remains in which tooth shaped shells had been placed into empty tooth sockets.



"I put off going to a dentist for 3 years because I was afraid of the pain. In only one visit I am able to say that I LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this office, Everyone was very professional and caring. Sandra was really amazing, she called me the next day after my procedure and also the following week to make sure that I did not forget to take my antibiotics before my scaling and cleaning. They really care about their patients."

Igrid Darmony