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THE DAYS OF DENTURES or nothing are over. Now, when people lose permanent teeth for whatever reason, dental implants can give you your smile, and life, back. When a patient suffers from the loss of a tooth or several teeth, the placement of dental implants creates a new smile as strong as nature's original work.

A dental implant is a titanium tooth "root" that takes the place of a natural tooth root. Dr. Garg will surgically implant your new titanium tooth root, and your body will fuse with it to create a solid, reliable prosthetic foundation. A new tooth is then handcrafted and placed on the root, so that you can enjoy the function, beauty, and health benefits of a solid and natural smile.

Implants improve your quality of life because:

  • Implants are the closest prosthetic to natural teeth and make speaking, eating, singing and smiling possible again. And an implants can replace single teeth or a full set of dentures.
  • Implants complete your smile by allowing us to create beautiful restorations, blending seamlessly with your natural teeth. You'll once again experience the confidence that can only come from a naturally beautiful smile.
  • Studies show that patients with natural or prosthetic teeth live longer, since our quality of life can be so dramatically reduced when teeth are missing.

If you would like to learn more about implants, the Center for Complte Dentistry hosts public seminars approximately every six weeks. Dr. Arun Garg will explain dental treatment solutions and answer any questions you may have in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

The seminar is about one to one and a half hours in length and includes a sideshow and an attendee packet to take home and study, and refreshments are provided. For current schedule, please call the office at 954-455-3434.

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We are pleased to offer new safe oral dental sedation techniques mean that you can have dental treatments done quickly with little or no discomfort.

Ask us about Sedation Denistry!


"I had a wonderful experience during all the procedures. I experience minimum pain during the implants and during the recovery. The people are very nice and friendly. They treat you with respect and are very professional. I would truly recommend them to anyone looking for any dental work. The prices are fair and sometimes cheaper than any other place specially dental implants."