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Soft Tissue Grafting
If an implant cannot be placed due to a loss of gum tissue, or if you wish to improve the shape of your gums, we offer soft tissue grafting. Similar to bone grafting, we can take tissue from your mouth or a tissue bank to rebuild healthy and beautiful gums.

Bone grafting
When a patient's mouth lacks bone as well as teeth, bone grafting, or the addition of bone, is required before an implant can be placed. Bone grafts come from a specific part of the body (autogenous bone), tissue banks (allografts), or synthetically (alloplast). We place the graft into the area of your jaw that requires more bone tissue, and your body will accept the graft and replace it with the bodies own natural bone and eventually dissolve the graft material. Once the bone is mature, Dr. Garg can proceed with implant placement.

Why should I get dental implants?
Dental implants create a beautiful smile – the smile you deserve! You'll find renewed confidence in eating, speaking, and sharing your smile with the world. Dental implants also:

  • Make you look younger by providing internal facial structure
  • Prevent bone loss, which occurs when teeth are missing
  • Keep your healthy teeth safe by reducing stress
  • Keep your other teeth in correct position
  • Free you to eat whatever you want to, whenever you want to
  • Can increase your sense of taste
  • Free you to speak and laugh with confidence
  • Offer a long-term smile solution
  • Improve your quality of life

What are the benefits and drawbacks of a traditional bridge?
While a traditional bridge looks good and improves oral function, it does not have the full benefits of dental implants. For instance:

  • To place a bridge, healthy teeth must be altered
  • Bridges can pose risks to the attachment teeth
  • A bridge does not stop bone loss
  • A bridge lasts only five to ten years
  • Bridges often contain metal, thus detracting from your natural smile

What is the difference between fixed bridges and overdentures?
A fixed bridge and overdentures are attached to dental implants. Fixed bridges are stationery and cannot be removed, whereas overdentures are removable.

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We are pleased to offer new safe oral dental sedation techniques mean that you can have dental treatments done quickly with little or no discomfort.

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